Maine Process Servers



Thank you for visiting weservemaine. A local Maine company. Because of our great clientele we have experienced continuous growth over the last 20 years.

We are announcing the closure of our Bangor and Portland offices. Not because business is slowing but because business is exploding and we do not have the personnel to provide the best customer service you have grown to expect. I would rather not provide the service in the Bangor and Portland areas than provide less than excellent service.

We will continue to provide statewide coverage for our regular customers without interruption.

We will not be accepting new customers outside our core central Maine areas.

We hope this is a temporary solution but it will last as long as a labor shortage prevents us from serving our customers the way both you and I expect.

Thank you

Maine Process Servers 

We are Maine process servers. We live and work in Maine. We are not an out of state national firm claiming to be in Maine.  If you choose to use an out of state firm they will hire an in-state Maine process serving firm. The only difference to you is that you will pay more because they then become another cog in the wheel.

SERVICE SUCCESS RATE   97.3%- To put this in perspective out of every 100 serves we receive with an accurate address we serve 97-98 of them successfully.

Our process servers take pride in our work. Our goal is simple. Provide an honest service to our customers at a reasonable price. We strive to improve and you will see that reflected in our work.

We understand and appreciate you have options for your process service needs. Use our services and you will see how we separate ourselves from the competition.

CUSTOMER SERVICE   This is the backbone of our existence. Understanding how the field has changed we accept service of process via email, we scan and email completed affidavits ahead of mailing. We can accommodate most “rush” service requests and a host of other ways we want to earn and retain your business.

Call the Maine process servers at Weservemaine that you can depend on at 1-800-971-4569 and use us for all your service of process needs. Or, write to us at:
PO Box 57
Litchfield, ME 04350